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Year of publication2022
  • Karamova Klara Khakimovna, author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Emanova Juliana Genadevna, Yao Mikhail Konstantinovich, Yao Lubov Markelovna, Klara Hakimovna Karamova. CONSERVATION ETHICS AND VALUES OF MUSEUM CONSERVATORS// Arkhitektura: nauka, teoriya, praktika /KRSU, Kyrgyzstan, g. Beshkek. - 2022.- №1 - prinyata v pechat
    Annotation Conservation as it developed in the twentieth century has traditionally been viewed as a scientific practice in which the conservator applied technical skills to preserve cultural material. Ethical codes are, on the one hand, seen as a process of reflection on collective ideals (by defining a moral ground from which to operate) necessary for the profession. While on the other hand, ethics in conservation practice are applied through a rationalistic scientific approach based on evidence, hard facts and analyses. The dual nature of conservation ethics provides the basis for evidence-based practice and continues to be the defining paradigm. For the profession it is both this moral basis defined by the codes of ethics and the scientific foundation based on the rationalistic approach. The article discusses the results of a sociological survey conducted among Russian conservators working in leading conservation laboratories of the Russian Federation with different levels of experience and professional categories. The survey showed that, despite the difference in age, experience and category of specialists, their values did not conflict with the main international conservation agreements (charters).
    Keywords conservation, preservation, museum activities, conservation ethics, code of ethics.
    The name of the journal Архитектура: наука, теория, практика
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