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Form of presentationArticles in international journals and collections
Year of publication2020
  • Zefirov Timur Lvovich, author
  • Ziyatdinova Nafisa Ilgizovna, author
  • Kupcova Anna Mikhaylovna, author
  • Khabibrakhmanov Insaf Ilkhamovich, author
  • Bugrov Roman Kutdusovich, postgraduate kfu
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Bugrov R.K. Influence of If-current blockade on rat heart contractility with a model of myocardial infarction / R.K. Bugrov, A.M. Kuptsova, I.I.Khabibrakhmanov, N.I. Ziyatdinova, T.L. Zefirov // Archivos Venezolanos de Farmacología y Terapéutica. - 2020. - Vol.39, N. 7. - pp. 817-821.
    Annotation Hyperpolarization -activated cyclic nucleotide- dependent channels (HCN) are widespread throughout the body and participate in various physiological processes, the most im- portant of which is the generation of spontaneous electrical activity in the heart and the regulation of synaptic transmis- sion in the brain. The physiological role of HCN channels in the working healthy myocardium is still the subject of ongoing research. The objective of this research is to study the ef- fect of If blockade with ZD7288, on heart inotropy in rats with a modeled myocardial infarction. Two methods were used, the classical model of reproduction of myocardial infarction in experimental animals, developed in 1960 by Selye, and the isolated heart technique according to Langendorff. The peculiarities of the inotropic function of an isolated heart with a model of myocardial infarction during current blockade ac- tivated by hyperpolarization were evaluated. The If blocker, ZD7288, at concentrations of 10-9 M and 10-7 M, led to an increase in the pressure wave amplitude by 43% and 40% (p≤0.05), respectively, and at a concentration of 10-5 M, to a decrease in the pressure wave amplitude by 49% according to Langendorff' technique. The value of the maximum rate of rising of the pressure wave (dP/dtmax) increased during per- fusion of ZD7288 at concentrations of 10-9 M and 10-7 M by 31%, and the maximum rate of drop of the pressure wave (dP/dtmin) increased by 27% and 32%, respectively. The ad- dition of the drug to the solution (10-5 M) caused a decrease in dP/dtmax by 44%, and dP/dtmin by 41%. Thus, it can be con- cluded that impaired coronary blood supply is not the only factor in the pathogenesis of the disease typical of human myocardial infarction.
    Keywords a model of myocardial infarction, hyperpolariza- tion-activated currents, isolated heart, rat.
    The name of the journal Archivos Venezolanos de Farmacología y Terapéutica
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