Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, KFU
Form of presentationInternational monographs
Year of publication2020
  • Minullina Aida Faridovna, author
  • Pyrkova Kseniya Vyacheslavovna, author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Aida F. Minullina and Kseniya V. Pyrkova. Emotional Intelligence and Tolerance for Uncertainty in Future Teachers//Developing Teacher Competences: Key Issues and Values. Newly Published Books, Nova, Special Topics. 2020. Pages: 353.
    Annotation The modern day education system has to satisfy high demands for teachers' professional competence as well as their individual emotional characteristics. Pedagogical activity is rich in various stressful situations; it is associated with the risk of emotional burnout syndrome formation. The current empirical study was conducted to specify the relationship between emotional intelligence characteristics and indicators of tolerance for uncertainty among future teachers. The following methods were used: observation; conversation; testing with the help of the following techniques: “Emotional intelligence questionnaire EmIn” (Lyusin); PCRS “Tolerance for uncertainty” (Rodnik, Heather, Gold, Khal) adapted by Bazhanova and Bardier; methods of mathematical data processing (calculation of the mean and standard deviation; technique for assessing the reliability of differences in studied parameters (Student's t-test), the method of linear correlation analysis according to Pearson). Results of the research: Characteristics of emotional intelligence and indicators of tolerance for uncertainty in future male and female teachers have been studied. Similar and distinguishing features of their emotional intelligence have been identified. Features of future male and female teachers' response in situations with some degree of uncertainty, as well as the presence and specificity of relationships between the characteristics of emotional intelligence and tolerance to situations of uncertainty have been investigated. Relevance of the research: Empirical data obtained in the study will contribute to conclusions that will make the basis of recommendations for psychologists working at educational institutions to elaborate programs for emotional intelligence development in future teachers and to train them to respond to stressful situations applying constructive ways.
    Keywords emotional intelligence; tolerance; adaptability; coping behavior.
    URL https://novapublishers.com/shop/developing-teacher-competences-key-issues-and-values/
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