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Year of publication2019
  • Zaripova Railya Irekovna, author
  • Zefirov Timur Lvovich, author
  • Ziyatdinova Nafisa Ilgizovna, author
  • Kupcova Anna Mikhaylovna, author
  • Leonova Alina Maratovna, author
  • Sungatullina Milyausha Ildusovna, author
  • Leonova Alina Maratovna, postgraduate kfu
  • Sungatullina Milyausha Ildusovna, postgraduate kfu
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Ziyatdinova N.I. Isolate rat heart: Age features / N.I. Ziyatdinova, A.M. Kuptsova, A.M.Galieva, R.I. Zaripova, M.I. Syngatullina, T.L. Zefirov // EurAsian Journal of BioSciences. 2019. - Vol. 13. - № 2. - rr. 1375 - 1381
    Annotation The autonomic nervous system is involved in the regulation and formation of the heart rhythm. Most experimental studies about the influence of the autonomic nervous system on heart activity in ontogenesis were carried out on a whole organism or isolated tissue. An isolated heart by Langendorff can study arrhythmia, coronary vascular function, and can also help to understand the pathophysiology of modern human diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, or ischemia / reperfusion injury. The work is devoted to the study of isolated heart operation parameters according to Langendorff in postnatal ontogenesis with different levels of adrenergic innervation development. The analysis of the results showed that the stabilization of the isolated heart rate located in a perfused solution occurs during the 16th minute on average. The minimum heart rate values were recorded among newborn animals, the maximum heart rate was detected among 21 day old rats. CP stabilization in the studied age groups was recorded at different time intervals. 7 and 21 day old rats demonstrated the stabilization during the 16th minute, and 42 - 100-day old rat demonstrated such stabilization during the 14th minute. The minimum CP values were recorded among 7 and 21 day old rats; the maximum CP indices were found in adult rats. The stabilization of the contraction force among 42 and 100 day old animals was recorded during the 16th minutes. The minimum values of LVP were recorded in adult rats, the maximum values of LVP were found among 42 day old rats.
    Keywords isolated heart, heart rate, coronary flow, sympathetic innervation of heart, rat, postnatal ontogenesis
    The name of the journal EurAsian Journal of BioSciences
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