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Form of presentationArticles in Russian journals and collections
Year of publication2019
  • Ivanov Maksim Andreevich, author
  • Malcev Kirill Aleksandrovich, author
  • Sharifullin Aydar Gamisovich, author
  • Golosov Valentin Nikolaevich, author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language K. A. Malcev , M. A. Ivanov , A. G. Sharifullin, V. N. Golosov IZMENENIYa TEMPOV SMYVA POChVY V REChNYKh BASSEYNAKh YuZhNOGO MEGASKLONA EVROPEYSKOY ChASTI ROSSII ZA POSLEDNIE 30 LET//POChVOVEDENIE, 2019, 6, s.755-767
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    URL http://sciencejournals.ru/contents/pochved/2019/pochved6_19v0cont.pdf
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