Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, KFU
Form of presentationNon-approved tutorials
Year of publication2017
  • Mustafin Askar Nailevich, author
  • Ramazanov Albert Vildanovich, author
  • Benková Eva , author
  • Kotulič Rastislav , author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: the study guide / A. N. Mustafin, R. Kotulič, A. V. Ramazanov, E. Benková. – Kazan: Publishing house of Kazan Federal University, 2017. – 64 p.
    Annotation The study guide "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship" is universal and enables to expand theoretical and empirical volumes of students economic knowledge of all forms and directions of training, offering them to make an informed choice: to be employed or do their own business.
    Keywords Entrepreneurship, business, management, innovation, public-private partnership
    On-line resource for training course http://dspace.kpfu.ru/xmlui/bitstream/handle/net/117080/Fundamentals_of_entrepreneurship___VERSTKA___01.11.2017.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

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