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Form of presentationArticles in international journals and collections
Year of publication2017
  • Gabdrakhmanova Fanuza Khaydarovna, author
  • Zamaletdinov Radif Rifkatovich, author
  • Maksimov Nikolay Valentinovich, author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Fanuza Gabdrakhmanova, Nikolay Maksimov, Radif Zamaletdinov Speaking the speech through abstract and concrete concepts. Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods. Vol. 7. Issue 10. October (2017). 057-064.
    Annotation In this article, we proposed our author's development of the technology of teaching the Tatar language as an adoptiveone on a syntactic basis, and substantiated its expediency in the process of teaching the Tatar language as a non-native language.The essence of thesuggested technology for teaching language as non-native is that the isolation of the syntagmatic model of speech as the basis for teaching of non-native speech makes it possible to emphasize the learner's attention to the algorithm for constructing word combinations and sentences; reliance on algorithms helps the learner to variate stable syntactic constructions in the process of creating a basis text and building a dialogue, thereby increasing literacy and speech culture ofthe students of comprehensive secondary schools and the students of higher schools.
    Keywords Teaching of theTatar language, native language, spoken language, syntagmatic speech model, thealgorithm ofconstructingword-combinations, basistext, monologue, diologue, speech, speaker.
    The name of the journal Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods
    URL http://mjltm.org/en/downloadpaper.php?pid=430%20&%20p=A
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