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Year of publication2017
  • Valeeva Roza Alekseevna, author
  • Rybakova Lyaysan Anatolevna, author
  • Bibliographic description in the original language Rybakova Laysan A., Valeeva Roza A., A CASE-STUDY OF PREVENTING STUDENT' ACADEMIC PROCRASTINATION//MODERN JOURNAL OF LANGUAGE TEACHING METHODS. - 2017. - Vol.7, Is.4. - P.87-97.
    Annotation The purpose of the study is theoretical substantiation and experimental verification of the content, complex forms and methods to ensure the effective prevention of procrastination in students. 234 students of KFU took part in the experiment. In accordance with the aim of the study the following methods were used: theoretical study and analysis of psychological and pedagogical literature on the study, comparison, classification, generalization, formative experiment, diagnostic testing, data processing methods (quantitative and qualitative analysis), methods of mathematical processing of data (measures of central tendency, t- Student test). For testing the students' procrastination level we used “The scale of the general procrastination” by B.V. Tukman and «Procrastination scale of students” by K.Ley. Based on the results of ascertaining experiment a program that contains the forms and methods of prevention of procrastination in students was developed. On the basis of this work the con
    Keywords procrastination, prevention of procrastination, students
    The name of the journal Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods
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