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New to KFU? Welcome!

Students of Kazan Federal come from around the world and Russia, bringing with them a wide variety of experiences and worldviews. Our community is prospering with many perspectives, many activities, and many speakers. It is a true, multifaceted learning community that makes life on the campus rich and engaging.

Students wellbeing and integration are important priorities for the University. Whoever you are, and whatever your personal identity, you will find others like you and will have the opportunity to meet a diverse range of other people, who will widen your horizons, challenge your assumptions and with whom you can share your particular beliefs and experiences.

Every student at Kazan University is a member of an institute. Your institute will be your home for much of your time at Kazan, providing accommodation, meals, a library and IT support. As a post-graduate student, you will receive close individual support from an expert in your field - your faculty or department will assign you a personal supervisor whose role is to guide your programme of study or research. The availability of a suitable supervisor is one of the factors a faculty or department takes into account when considering your application.