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Estimation of microbial community structure in polluted and unpolluted soils or wastes. Investigation of changes of microbial communities under different influences

Practical experience:

 DNA extraction, conventional PCR; real-time PCR; horizontal agarose and vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoreses (SSCP, DGGE); gel analysis (Quantity One, Image Lab); cloning; analysis of sequences (Silva, Mega).

 The experiments conducted and the results obtained:

 Effects of disposal of different types of wastes on the activity and structure of the soil microbial community were estimated and compared. It was shown that oily waste containing natural radionuclides significantly affected soil microbial biomass and respiration. Сhanges in the microbial community structure were observed. These were indicated by the number of DNA bands: new dominant DNA bands were observed on gels and they were found to be closely related to the genus Dyella and strains of Sinobacter flavus, Pseudoxanthomonas spadi, and Parvibaculum lavamentivorans. In the other experiment, it was shown that migration of hazardous components of oily wastes influenced microbiological characteristics of soil layers. New dominant strains were observed in soil layers with depths 0–20, 20–40, and 40–60 cm. It was also demonstrated that disposal of wastes caused elimination of some strains. Using the real-time PCR method and alkB primers, it was shown that microorganisms added to oily contaminated soils with biopreparations did not survive during the whole period of oil degradation. However, biosurfactants produced by them intensified biodegradation processes by indigenous microflora in the first stages.

  Please see the following publications:

         Galitskaya P.Y., Gumerova R.Kh., Ratering S., Schnell S., Selivanovskaya S.Y. (2014). Effects of oily waste containing natural radionuclides on the activity and community structure of soil microorganisms: a laboratory experiment Journal of Hazardous Materials. Submitted.

         Selivanovskaya S.Y., Gumerova R., Galitskaya P.Y. (2014). Effects of leakage of compounds from radioactive oily waste on soil microbial community Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. Submitted.

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