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European and International Business Law


“European and International Business Law”

The two-year Master's Program “European and International Business Law" focuses on legal regulation of  international trade on multilateral and regional (EU) levels and national  regimes of external economic activities in different sectors. The contents includes courses on the current issues of international economic relations: World Trade Organization, regional organizations of economic integration, international tax law, investment law, labour migrations, international protection of intellectual property rights, international commercial contracts and arbitration.

The English-language Master's program "European and International Business Law" was developed within the framework of the European Commission's Tempus project for the development of the Master's Program in European and International Law "European and International Law in Eastern Europe" - InterEULawEast in 2014-2016 years.
The main focus of the program is on in-depth study of the legal regulation of relations in the sphere of doing business in international law, including the law of the European Union, as well as in Russian law.
Mission of the program: Preparation of highly qualified lawyers in the field of foreign economic activity, possessing the necessary skills and competencies for successful practical activities

The Program prepares students for carriers in organizations and institutions working either at national level or internationally: in state bodies,  private companies operating globally, in government or non-governmental organizations.


Compulsory courses (ECTS equivalent points):

Philosophy of law (3)

History of political and legal doctrines (2)

Legal technics and technology (2)

History and methodology of judicial science (2)

Academic communication (2)

Comparative legal studies (4)

Methodology of teaching the jurisprudence in higher school (2)

Actual problems of International and European Law in modern world (4)

International Economic Law and Law of WTO (4)

International and European Financial and Banking Law (4)

International and European Labour Law (3)

Commercial arbitration in International and European Law (4)

EU Internal Market Law (4)

Diplomatic and Consular Protection in International Business (2)

Legal Protection of Intellectual Property in International and European Law (4)

Elective courses (ECTS equivalent points):

International and European Migration Law (3) / European Custom and Tax Law (3)

International Economic Organizations (4) / International Business and Human Rights protection (4)

International and European Environmental Law (4) / International trade contracts (4)

Law of the Regional Economiс Integration (3) / International Moot Court competitions training (3)

Subsidiary course (ECTS equivalent points):

Modern trends in development of International and European Business Law (1)

Practice (ECTS credit points):

Educational practice (3)

Pre-Diploma practice  (33)

Research Work (18)

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