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Scientific Lead– prof. David Hannah,  University of Birmingham, UK (H-Index 35),

Telephone +44 (0)121 41 46925

Email: d.m.hannah@bham.ac.uk

Research interests: physical geography, water resources, climate,  new methods for monitoring, analysing and modelling environmental dynamics


Academic Lead – Dr. John Round, University of Birmingham, (H-Index 16),


Research interests: social and economic geography, migrants, urban sociology, post-soviet space


Director – Kuznetsova Irina, PhD in sociology

E-mail: irina.b.kuznetsova@gmail.com

Research interests: environment accessibility, migration policy, urban sociology, post-soviet space



Deputy director – Ermolaeva Polina Olegovna, PhD in sociology, polina.ermolaeva@gmail.com

Research interests:  urban sociology, post-soviet space, social ecology, comparative sociology


Administrator : Anastasia Zabusova

e-mail: anastasia.zabusova@gmail.com

Address: prof. Nuzhina str. 1/37, r.339-341

Tel.: +7(843) 2337021