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General Information

The Louis M.Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition ICCC is the annual competition of national rounds’ winners from in the participating countries of all world. Participation at this  competition provides the unique opportunity for law students to learn and to use in practice the interviewing and legal consultation skills, and also to get acquainted with the representatives of different cultures and nations.


The consultation itself represents the game, where the two students play the role of professional lawyers and simulate the process of the work with the clients. The process of consultation is conducted only in English and is limited by time (takes 45 minutes). The native English speaker serves as the client. The teams’ performance is appraised by the judges’ crew involving professional lawyers, psychologists and sociologists. Consultation is conducted according to national legislation.  The work of teams is judged by 11 criterions. The team-winner of the national round will represent Russia on the international round. Competition’s topic is changed annually.