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General information

Students are trained according to the basic educational programs (OOP) of the Institute of physics of KFU, developed in accordance with the requirements of Federal state educational standards (FSES) by the methodical Commission of the Institute approved by the Scientific Council of the Institute.

Analysis of curriculum content

    Courses of specialization "Radiophysics measurement»
- Digital signal processing
- Digital electronics
- Application of digital signal processors
- Theory and application of microcontrollers
- Physical electronics
- Physics of dielectrics
- Molecular electronics
- Radiophysical measurements
- Functional electronics
- Controllers and interfaces of measuring systems
- Electronic measurements
- Metrological analysis of measuring systems
- Machine methods of analysis of electronic circuits
- Radiophysical methods of investigation of natural environments
- Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter and nonlinear phenomena in the propagation of radio waves
- Introduction to satellite radio navigation systems

  Laboratory special practice
- radiophysical measurements in natural environments 
- spec. workshop on radio physics and radio electronics
- radiophysical measurements on the R / h range
 measurement of microwave range