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Linar Latypov

Phone: +7 (843) 233-74-47
E-mail: Linar.Latypov@kpfu.ru

Academic degrees:

Candidate of Sciences in Philology

Supervises the following activities at KFU:

Date of birth:

February 6, 1955

Graduate and postgraduate education:

Received a Candidate of Sciences degree at Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) State University in 1989.

Additional education:

1987 – Training on "American Studies" at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.,USA

Professional Experience:

Foreign languages: English (fluent), French (fluent).


Fields of research

Existential Comparative Philosophy, Comparative Religious Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Studies, Oriental Studies

Major publications

"Existential Philosophy of Islam" (Kazan University Press, 2011).

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