08 July 2014
Prize winners of the International Chemistry Olympiad apply to KFU

KFU admission campaign is well under way. Young people from across the world who want to study at KFU apply to our University.

We have spoken with the applicants of the Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry. These are not ordinary guys; they are many-times winners of chemistry Olympiads. Mikhail Yagofarov is a three-time winner of the All-Russian Olympiad, two-times winner of Mendeleev Olympiad, silver prize holder of the International Chemistry Olympiad. Ruslan Lukin is a two-time winner of the All-Russian Olympiad, and a prize winner of Mendeleev Olympiad.

Mikhail Yagafarov graduated from Lyceum 131 of Kazan. He is well acquainted with the Kazan University as his preparation for the Olympiad was held here at the Department of Physical Chemistry, under the supervision of Prof. Boris Solomonov and Senior Research Assistant Igor Sedov. "I have studied at the KFU Department of Physical Chemistry for 4 years and I am very grateful to my professors, it?s their credit that I have reached such success", he says. Mikhail was attending University classes twice a week all those years, whereas right before the Olympiad he spent 9 hours a day there.  

"I can compare as I have been both at Moscow University and St.Petersburg University, but here is my home, and I am sure, education at KFU is of high quality", Mikhail Yagafarov explains his choice to study at Kazan University.

Ruslan Lukin finished school in Cheboksary. Everything started for him as for Mikhail, at his school study group. "I really liked that science as it had a bit deductive element but is an exact science at the same time. I fell in love with it and made up my mind to keep on studying it", says Ruslan. After he won the Chemistry Olympiad for the first time, he decided to twist his future career with that science.

Why Kazan University? The applicant explains himself, "This year I have taken part in the All-Russian Chemistry Olympiad hosted by our great city. I have seen KFU institutes, laboratories, modern equipment, campus, the Universiade Village, and I have made my choice to enter one of the best Russian universities, Kazan Federal University".

Today both applicants are preparing for the International Chemistry Olympiad that will be held in Iran this year.

Good luck!

Source of information: press center
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