30 March 2018
An unusual Doors Open Day was held at the Higher Institute of Information Technology and Information Systems

Applicants and their parents were able to listen to popular science lectures from our teachers on current topics related to the IT field:

Roman Lavrenov, a Junior Researcher at the Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems (LIRS) spoke about the relevance of robotics, trends in its development, about robots and touched on the question why studying in robotics is essential. After the lecture Roman gave a short tour of the LIRS and showed the robots. He also talked about the developments and current projects of the Laboratory, about robots that make up the rich variety of the laboratory due to the leadership of the KFU. The audience of the lecture also had a question about how to enroll to the master's program and what level of English is needed (the courses are held in English).

Artur Nizamutdinov's lecture also aroused great interest among applicants. He talked about visualization capabilities and gave a short tour of the DML laboratory. The audience had a lot of questions about visualization. The participants of the event noted the high level of the laboratory’s work. People from other cities came to Kazan to listen to Arthur’s lecture.

Another speaker of the Doors Open Day spoke on an urgent and difficult topic about machine understanding: why do robots need emotions. The speech of Alexey Leukhin, an employee of the Machine understanding laboratory, aroused great interest. Applicants were interested in laboratory projects. Even after the end of the lecture, the guests didn’t leave and asked their questions.

After the lecture all the guests came to a meeting with business representatives and graduates of the Higher Institute of ITIS. ACI Worldwide, ICL and the IT Park Business Incubator showed their presentations. The audience also had many questions about its future careers in these companies.

At the end, applicants received advice from the Center for Testing and Preparation for the USE and SFA exams.

We thank all the guests of the Higher Institute of ITIS for coming to see us!

Source of information: Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems