02 April 2021
University toured by delegation of Northern Federal University

Several visitors arrived on March 31.

Rector of Northern Federal University Yelena Kudryashova, who headed the delegation, noted, “Northern Federal University and Kazan Federal University were created by the same decree of the President of Russia, and we go through life together. In 2012, the Council of Rectors of Federal Universities met in Arkhangelsk, and we made a decision to create the Club of Ten. In 2013 at KFU, an agreement was signed by the ten rectors of federal universities. We see how your university is dynamically developing, how you showed yourself in the Project 5-100 and entered global rankings. We see the development of such important areas as medicine, oil and gas, and information technology. We have a lot to learn from you. Our university also has strengths. We won a competition last year to open a world-level research center called The Russian Arctic: New Materials, Technologies and Research Methods. We think that we have very interesting prospective joint projects. Despite the fact that Kazan University is not located in the Arctic zone of Russia, many scientific areas are closely related to what we do.”

Vice-Rector for Innovation of Northern Federal University Marat Yeseyev opined, “The purpose of our visit to you is to find common ground on the projects of the world-level research center. It is clear that the Russian Arctic requires qualified specialists, research on new materials for the extraction and processing of minerals. These are one of the main topics and activities of our center. Here, we have found contacts and projects that can be launched within the framework of our center. We understand that your potential is enormous. Today, we have walked through your institutes and laboratories. In particular, we are interested in cooperation on a specific project of production of single-crystal diamond plates for quantum sensing in our country, and we understand that we can work together because the vast experience that your researchers have allows us to do this. As for oil, gas, and chemistry, there are also specific proposals here within the framework of your new carbon polygon.”

First Vice-Rector of Northern Federal University Pavel Maryandyshev emphasized the importance of project in energy efficiency, “I was impressed by the laboratory facilities of your university, unique laboratory installations that allow you to study oil recovery processes. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that our university is also actively researching formation fluids and paraffinic sediments. And here we, together with Kazan Federal University, are conducting research on hydrates, jointly solving technological problems, increasing oil recovery for our leading oil-producing enterprises, such as Gazpromneft.”


Source text: Media Center

Photos: Alexander Kuznetsov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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