30 March 2021
Educational video game to teach students work with drill fluids

KFU’s Digital Media Lab has presented an innovative training simulator.

One of the main developers of the game, KFU student Yanislav Morozov explains, “The technological part – mechanical calculations, models of drill fluids, algorithms of troubleshooting, etc. – was provided by Ufa State Petroleum Technical University. The game engine and 3D modelling was made by students and employees of the Digital Media Lab.”

There have been no such training games in Russia so far. The simulator should be of great help, as Morozov thinks, capitalizing on his personal experience as drill fluid engineer.

The game teaches to calculate ratios of chemical compounds, analyze the contents of drill fluids, evaluate on-site risks, and manage logistics of chemical compounds.

Anyone who has finished the game should have a comprehensive understanding of technological processes and environmental protection linked with drill fluid operations.


Source text: Larisa Busil

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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