26 March 2021
Huawei delegation welcomed by University to talk over further cooperation

The guests toured our facilities on March 26.

KFU was represented by Vice-Rector for Education Dmitry Tayursky, institute directors, and other employees. Huawei dispatched Head of HR at the Moscow Office of Huawei Lei Rong, Lead Specialist of the Moscow Office Vadim Ruzhnikov, Expert in Mathematics and Algorithms Wang Zhiying, Head of Tatarstan Office Mikhail Fishman, and others.

Vice-Rector Taursky spoke about the ongoing ties with Huawei, “We work on a number of projects in mathematics and mathematical modeling. The partners discuss some results that have already been delivered by the Institute of IT and Intelligent Systems and the Institute of Physics.” Tauyrsky’s second current post at the University is the Director of the Institute of Physics. As he added, another delegation from the Chinese tech giant plans to arrive later in the year to talk about physics, chemistry, and materials science.

“Our company invests significant resources into R&D. In innovation, the company’s focus is cooperation with universities. Our head office in Moscow has many successful projects with them. We are now planning to increase cooperation with other regions. Kazan is a priority. We want to scale up our ties with Kazan University,” said Fishman.


Source text: Alina Minnevalieva

Photos: Alexander Kuznetsov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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