15 March 2021
Kazan University's first aid course on Coursera has attracted over a thousand students

This is KFU’s first ever course on the popular e-learning platform.

Russia’s E-Learning Development Fund served as a partner in creating and packaging the course, which became the first Russian-language offering in medical sciences. The official title is Stayin’ Alive: First Aid in Emergency. Employees of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology offer theoretical input and some instructional videos utilizing the excellent infrastructure of KFU’s Center for Medical Simulation and Accreditation.

In the two months when the course has been available, 1,116 students have enrolled, and over 200 have already finished their studies. The user score for the course has so far reached 4.8, which is a very good indicator.


Source text: Media Center

Photo: Alexander Kuznetsov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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