20 February 2021
University visited by delegation of Lipetsk Oblast

The guests arrived on 19 February.

The delegation comprised Vice-Governor of Lipetsk Oblast Anatoly Yakutin, Head of the Informatization Division of Lipetsk Oblast Stanislav Kornienko, and other officials. They were welcomed by Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation and Innovation Dmitry Pashin and Director of the Center for Digital Transformation Dmitry Chikrin. The visit was arranged by Sberbank, KFU’s strategic partner in education, research, and healthcare.

Dmitry Chikrin introduced projects in digitization of healthcare. He spoke about existing ideas and undertakings in AI, medical Internet of Things, and diagnostics. In particular, he touched in Avicenna (a platform for medical documentation turnover), Amaltheia (a smartphone-based system of health monitoring for hospitals), ASDIC (a support software for ultrasound diagnostics), and Athlete (a software system for body kinematics and assistance in locomotor rehabilitation).

All these aspects correspond to KFU’s new strategic priority – AMBITIOM (which stands for Agriculture, Medicine, Biology, IT, Impact, OMICS). The concept aims to research and monitor every indicator of human organism functioning and health. The objective here is to create a comprehensive individual health map.

Vice-Governor Yakutin noted, “We are very pleased to visit one of the best universities in the country. Our itinerary in Kazan is very packed, and education is one of the questions included in it. We have interesting joint projects with the Republic of Tatarstan. We want to study and borrow some of the experience.”


Source text: Alina Minnevalieva

Photos: Kseniya Bogdanova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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