18 December 2020
Ramil Safin, an employee of the Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems, became the winner of the personal scholarship competition of the Kazan mayor

A first-year postgraduate student of the Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (ITIS) Ramil Safin, who is also an assistant of the Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems (LIRS) of the ITIS KFU, won the annual competition of research and practical works for personal scholarships of the mayor of Kazan among students and postgraduates.

The competition is held in order to involve students and postgraduates in research activities in the field of urban economy, culture, economy and social sphere of Kazan. The scholarship is awarded based on the results of academic and research work of the academic year.

Participants could prove themselves in the natural-scientific and social-humanitarian sections of the competition. Ramil took part in the direction of the first section: "Digital and information technologies". During the scientific and practical conference held within the full-time stage, Ramil presented his project called "Algorithm of visual-inertial SLAM for a multi-chamber system without a common scoep". He spoke about the current progress of the project and his future plans.

Ramil shared his impressions of participating and winning the contest:

"I met new people and graduate students from different universities at the competition. We shared our experience and impressions of working in the scientific field. It was quite interesting to listen to other people's opinions. 3 minutes were given to each participant for making a presentation. The questions of the Commission members mainly concerned aspects of the commercialization of the project".


Source of information: Laboratory of intelligent robotic systems