23 December 2020
Student of the Year at Kazan Federal University 2020

The year-end ceremony celebrating top talent was held on 22 December.

In his greeting, Rector Ilshat Gafurov reflected on the outgoing year and its peculiarities, “We always talk about how each of us must be able to quickly adapt to the global changes. The situation with coronavirus has shown that our big university is quite mobile and flexible, that we are able to change on the go without too much pondering. This is a great success for our educators and students, because everyone together has worked on changing our educational programs and their formats.”

Here is the list of this year’s winners:

Student of the Year Grand Prix (shared) – Khozhiakbar Valizhonov (Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, 6th year) and Ilnur Khazipov (Institute of International Relations, 1st year master student);

Best Student Club (shared) – KFU Debate Club; Social Committee of the Institute of International Relations; Student Council of the Faculty of Law;

Best Student Council in a Dormitory – Dormitory N 4 of the Student City;

Best Arts Collective – Step Up Dance Team;

Best Student Initiative – ‘Dormitory’ software tool;

Best Student Entrepreneurial Project – ARQ Project;

Top Talent in Humanities and Socioeconomic Sciences (shared) – Gulnaz Askhadullina (Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication) and Rushaniya Mukhamadeeva (Yelabuga Institute);

Top Talent in Natural Sciences, Physics and Mathematics – Yuliya Zaripova (Institute of Chemistry);

Best Master Student in Humanities and Socioeconomic Sciences – Gulchachak Galieva (Institute of Psychology and Education);

Best Master Student in Natural Sciences, Physics and Mathematics – Kirill Vasin (Institute of Physics);

Best PhD Candidate in Humanities and Socioeconomic Sciences – Arslan Mingaliev (Institute of International Relations);

Best PhD Candidate in Natural Sciences, Physics and Mathematics – Dmitry Yemelyanov (Institute of Chemistry);

Best Community Activist – Kirill Volodin (Institute of Engineering);

Best Union Organizer – Liya Akhmetzyanova (Institute of IT and Intelligent Systems);

Best Volunteer – Alina Safina (Institute of Management, Economics and Finance);

Best Media Work – Press Service of Kazan Yulbars Sports Club;

Best Athlete – Regina Mukhametshina (Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology);

Best Sports Organizer - Kirill Sarkanich (Institute of Chemistry);

Top Creative Talent – Alexander Nikanshin (Institute of Chemistry);

Best Culture Organizer – Irina Strekalova (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics);

Best Activist of Student Squads – Aidar Gaineev (Institute of Chemistry);

Best International Student – Dzhakhongir Kayumov (Institute of International Relations);

Debut of the Year – Vladimir Babnischev (Institute of Computational Mathematics and IT).

Seven educators were awarded in the Best Student Liaison and Consultant category. Rector Gafurov thanked them for their efforts in mentoring and bringing up talented young people.

Two employees, Roman Bakanov (Department of National and Global Media) and Ilmira Kamalova (Department of Tatar Studies and Cultural Studies) were given commendation letters ‘For Earnest Work and Merits in Youth Policy’ from the city of Kazan.


Source text: Leisan Zakirova

Photos: Kseniya Bogdanova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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