17 December 2020
New CT scanner installed in University Clinic

Rector llshat Gafurov visited the Clinic to partake in the unveiling.

In his greeting, the Rector emphasized how current conditions dictate trends in choosing which infrastructure should be upgraded first.

“A new era of digital technology, which finds more and more footing in our everyday lives, has definitely found its reflection in this machine, the likes of which the Republic of Tatarstan has not yet seen,” he said.

The scanner was assembled in Japan. It provides all types of CT scans and can accommodate people weighing over 120 kg. It has maximum automation and reduced error ratios. The scanner allows for simultaneous work of three doctors, which simplifies collective discussions and diagnosis.

Among the capacities of the machine are:

- pre-surgery planning with scans of head, neck and body vessels (the only alternative to invasive angiography procedures);

- lung scans with ultra-precise diagnostics of life-threatening conditions;

- functional heart monitoring and evaluation of myocardium based on perfusion cards;

- full body scans for neoplasm diagnostics;

- joint and bone scans with high definition, including that for patients with intra-body metal fixators; densitometry analysis;

- gastrointestinal and kidney scans with reduced radiation exposure.


Source text: Leisan Zakirova

Photos: Mariya Abrosimova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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