01 December 2020
Cooperation agreement signed by Kazan University and Sber

The agreement provides for the development of long-term effective and mutually beneficial cooperation of the parties in the implementation of joint educational and research projects, programs and solutions in the healthcare sector, as well as the expansion of the current partnership through the introduction of digital products in these areas. The signing was a part of the Digital Trends in Medicine conference by Sberbank; the conference was joined by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

“The agreement will allow us to expand our current cooperation with Kazan University. The university is currently providing active support, and we are successfully implementing many promising projects. We hope that KFU will become a center of competence not only for the Republic of Tatarstan, but in general will provide assistance to all regions of our country,” said Pyotr Koltypin.

“I can say with confidence that Sberbank is a very reliable partner in the implementation of joint educational projects and digital solutions for the medical field,” responded Rector Gafurov.

There are several projects currently underway by KFU and Sberbank.

In particular, it's the Digital School for Teachers, aimed at acquainting students with tools for collecting, preparing and storing data, demonstrating teaching methods in Data Science, Data Engineering, Java Development. It was decided to implement the program in three levels: beginner, basic and advanced. Test materials are currently being developed to select 30 teachers for each of the first two modules. For university teachers, this training will be free.

A project for an online master's degree in IT is also being prepared for implementation. A form was received from the bank for conducting an in-depth analysis of the corresponding educational programs at KFU. Based on the results of the analysis, changes will be made to the curriculum. As early as February 1, 2021, it is planned to include the corresponding modules of the Sberbank program as additional and optional modules, and from September 1, 2021, the full-scale implementation of the joint master's program will begin.

IT School of Sberbank also plans to launch courses soon. 162 KFU students have already signed up for entrance tests.

All three in-house secondary schools of KFU also pay attention to Sberbank's IT projects based on its School 21 initiative.

At the Digital Trends in Medicine conference, Kazan University showcased its strengths in medicine. In particular, a prototype of an AI-based information system for IoT modules and equipment was presented. The prototype is compatible with the Sber.Cloud platform and Cristofari supercomputer. 

Source text: Leisan Zakirova

Photos: Mariya Abrosimova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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