02 November 2020
Over 3,200 international students admitted to Kazan Federal University in autumn 2020

This year’s unusually long enrolment season started in March and ended on 30 October.

The latest enrolment order from 30 October contains 800 names.

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Timirkhan Alishev commented, “Over 3,220 foreign nationals were admitted to all forms of instruction this year. Of them, 2,684 individuals are self-funded. The increase in enrolment applications from the previous year is 15%. A significant number of international students also enrolled in the Preparatory School – 590 persons. They will study Russian and English languages and other subjects to enroll in the University next season.”

As usual, the vast majority of enrollees choose programs in medicine and language studies, as well as business, geology and hydrocarbon industry. The number of students from China, Egypt, and Latin America has grown, although it was already very significant last year.

Dr. Alishev reminded that the majority of international students currently receive distance learning lessons at their homes, “40 percent of our international students are outside of Russia right now. As soon as the borders are opened, of course, we will be accepting students here.”

At this moment, Kazan Federal University counts 10,965 foreign nationals in all types and levels of educational programs.


Source text: Larisa Busil

Photo: Alexander Kuznetsov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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