02 September 2020
Vice-Rector Dmitry Tayursky gave comments about regulations for the new academic year

He clarified some moments about the studies process.

“The academic year started on 1st September. The first few days are allocated for instructional and orientational classes. We explain how to behave in light of COVID-19 epidemic and give instructions about distance learning in Microsoft Teams. We are waiting for many more students to arrive because the latest admission order for Russian students saw light just yesterday, on 31st August,” said Tayursky in an interview.

The vast majority of international students are still not allowed to enter Russia because of travel restrictions. To them, only distance learning is currently available.

The Vice-Rector also reminded about some hygienic arrangements, “All students must wear masks inside buildings at all times, including classes. Body temperature measurements will be organized at entrances. All public places are equipped with antibacterial dispensers. Students and employees must try their best to maintain social distancing.”

As of 2nd September, about 1,800 students of all ages and nationalities have not yet arrived at the University in person.


Source text: Larisa Busil

Photo: Alexander Kuznetsov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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