26 August 2020
Translation Forum Russia 2020 wrapped up at Kazan Federal University

The Forum was held on 21st – 22nd August.

The event comprised discussions, experience exchange, and demos of new tech for the translation industry. The audience included translation bureaus, professional translators, freelancers, educators, software developers, hardware producers, guild representatives, officials, publishers, and community organizations.

This was the second time for KFU to host the forum – the first one was in 2012. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this iteration was organized completely online jointly with the Saint-Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation Herzen University. The School Director Irina Alekseeva is set to become Research Supervisor of the Department of the Theory and Practice of Translation of the Institute of International Relations, Kazan Federal University, starting 1st September 2020.

“For four years now, I’ve been the Head of the Strategic Center of the Russian Academy of Education tasked with supporting translation education for Russian minority languages. I’ve already made steps with regards to offer more attention to Tatar language; after all, it’s the second most spoken language in our country. My idea to teach native speakers of minority languages to translate their texts,” shared Dr. Alekseeva about one of the panels of this year’s conference.

In particular, the discussion about Tatar translation featured Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minnullina, Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Vasil Shaykhraziev, Head of Translation Section of the Administrative Directorate of the President of Tatarstan Rufiya Khamidullina, and First Deputy Chairman of the World Congress of Tatars Danis Shakirov.

Irina Alekseeva also opined that Kazan University puts much effort into fostering professional translation, “We’ve been in tight cooperation with your Higher School of Foreign Languages and Translation since spring. Kazan University has done much as a bearer of philological tradition. The objective now is to create a robust system of experience exchange with colleagues from other regions.”


Source text: Alina Iskanderova

Photo: Inna Basyrova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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