18 July 2020
International students to work and study at Yal'chik Camp

25 students arrived to the camp (in the Republic of Mari El) on 16th July.

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Timirkhan Alishev comments on the matter, “Thanks to Rector Ilshat Gafurov’s support, we are offering a temporary student employment program for those who remain in the dorms during the summer. We plan for about 50 Preparatory School students to stay at Yal’chik during this season. They can help with full-scale cleaning, learn Russian language and generally have a jolly good time outdoors.”

Students from 13 countries joined the first batch, scheduled for 20 days of camp stay. They are going to help with mop-up, gather deadwood, clean rooms, paint walls and facades, and tend to local greenery. Evenings are allocated for classes.

One of the group members, Chinese student Guan Zizhuo, notes, “I like everything here – the beautiful Lake Yal’chik, the pine forest, the fresh air, and the living arrangement in a wooden house with friends.”


Source text: Media Center

Photo: Sergey Tsvetkov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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