05 June 2020
Russian Union of Rectors discusses new competitiveness initiatives

The meeting was joined by Vice-Premier of Russia Tatiana Golikova.

Rector of Kazan Federal University Ilshat Gafurov was among the participants.

In her greeting, Ms. Golikova noted that there are currently about 90 universities in Russia marked by high-level education and research capabilities. She said that the current global situation calls for new approaches and prompt decisions in technological and economic development. A new program of global competitiveness for higher education, set to replace the existing Project 5-100, is in planning stages.

As a key idea, the Vice-Premier put forth the possible tighter integration between universities and institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences and its branches, “We have to make a sort of a reset of higher education. It’s very important that every university progresses and makes contributions to the sustainable development of the country and its region.”

In continuation, Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia Valery Falkov emphasized that the new competiveness initiative should act in line with the President’s 2018 executive orders with regards to national priorities of technological development, digital technology, and boosting of export-oriented industries. The program will include existing Project 5-100 and so-called key regional universities.

The leading universities can thus focus on human capital, knowledge transfer, and industrial growth. Key regional universities will become hubs for territorial development.

Falkov noted that every federal subject should have at least one key university. He also reminded that all institutions are welcome to apply for participation in the program.


Source text: Leisan Zakirova

Photos: Nikita Tokhtasinov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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