05 June 2020
Kazan University continues offering employment to students

197 persons have found jobs so far, 91 of them foreign citizens.

Among the positions offered by KFU are tutor, document digitization operator, translator, and Web developer.

About 300 new jobs have been created. Of the 197 employed students, 50 have received long-term offers. Some of the salaries are above median for the city of Kazan.

The University has also contacted Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Digitalization of Public Administration, and employment centers with regards to available positions in the Republic of Tatarstan. They have provided a sizable list of 1,201 jobs.

Student squads, a traditional summer employment program in USSR and Russia, are also in place. Students will work in various capacities, but the majority – almost a thousand temp jobs – is in construction and maintenance. KFU is ready to open 300 vacancies in student squads.

The list of positions in Russian language is available here



Source text: Media Center

Photo: Alexander Kuznetsov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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