29 May 2020
Center for Leninism Studies co-opened with Kazan Federal University at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

An online symposium was held to celebrate Lenin’s 150th anniversary and the establishment of the Center.

The meeting topic was “Lenin’s ideas and their contemporary importance.” The co-organizers were School of Marxism (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies) and Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications (Kazan Federal University).

Institute Director Mikhail Schelkunov says the idea to establish a special entity to study Marxism-Leninism first emerged at KFU in 2010. Speaking about the symposium, he noted his positive impression from the number of young researchers interested in Lenin’s heritage.

Overall, there were about a hundred contributors. The Chinese side was represented by Chen Jinlong (Director, Institute of Marxism, South China Normal University), Chen Peiyong (Deputy Director, Institute of Marxism, Peking University), Pang Jingguo (Research Association, Institute of Party History and Documentation, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China), and Kou Qingjie (Professor, Institute of Marxism, Nankai University). Kazan University employees at the forum included Artur Karimov (Chair, Department of Social Philosophy), Tatiana Shatunova (Professor, Department of Social Philosophy), Natalia Tereschenko (Professor, Department of Social Philosophy), and Viktor Sidorov (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science).

“Lenin’s ideas changed the thinking of hundreds of millions of people, brought about new forms of social living, pushed radical shifts in historical destinies of peoples and nations, including our brotherly China. The influence of Lenin’s heritage on the humankind is lasting and will be present for a long time,” adds Dr. Schelkunov.


Source text: Media Center

Photo: Alexander Kuznetsov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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