27 May 2020
Virtual International Forum on Teacher Education starts today

As with many other events this year, the forum was moved online.

In his greeting, Rector Ilshat Gafurov noted, “I hope that over 800 participants of vIFTE 2020 will cooperate productively and make a real contribution to the discussion on pertinent topics of teacher education, especially with regards to its more robust digitization.”

The forum takes up from 27th May to 9th June. Participants from 196 Russian and 79 overseas universities are joining.

“Based on international expert evaluations, KFU’s teacher education system is a good local example of transformation in this area. We hope that this experience can be of use to other Russian universities,” added Dr. Gafurov.

In 2020, Kazan Federal University rose in THE subject rankings for Education and is now 94th in the world.

IFTE Executive Director, Professor Tatiana Baklashova, said, “I hope that our work in a virtual format will help to boost the effectiveness of teacher education and become an adequate response to the challenges we are facing today.”

Some of the speakers of IFTE 2020 are Aleksey Lubkov (Moscow Pedagogical State University), Ian James Menter (University of Oxford), Margery McMahon (University of Glasgow), Maria Assunção Flores (University of Minho), Conor Galvin (University College Dublin), and Murat Tchoshanov (University of Texas at El Paso).

The forum’s official website offers full info and schedules.



Source text: Galina Khasanova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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