02 May 2020
Sixteen Kazan University projects win grants from Russian Agency for Youth Affairs

The combined subsidies will amount to 11.45 million rubles.


Over 100 team and individual submissions were made by Kazan Federal University.

Among them, eight became winners in the team grant category:

1) Volga Region competition “Best Student Union”;

2) Military sports competition “A day in the army”;

3) Advanced training session for student presidents “Peacekeeper”;

4) National workshop for young educators and student leaders “Mentor”;

5) Arts festival “Student Orbit”;

6) Youth festival “Student Marathon”;

7) Student sports festival “Our Tatarstan”;

8) “KFU – Students – Kindness,” a volunteering initiative.

The other eight grants were won in the individual competition:

1) Alla Abrosimova – youth online media center ION;

2) Mansur Akhmetshin – youth science media project “Galim”;

3) Aygul Valiullina – Salat Corporate University;

4) Farida Gazimova – A Little Tyre;

5) Dmitry Kolesnikov – Media Sphere in Naberezhnye Chelny;

6) Yuliya Nasyrova – Russian Legal Debate Championships;

7) Yekaterina Pankova – “I choose living in a family,” a storytelling contest;

8) Nafis Serazetdinov – student conference “The youth in a global agenda – global and national aspects of youth policy.”

Across the nation, 1,110 projects were chosen from 10,007 applications.


Source text: Department of Youth Policy

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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