29 March 2020
Rehabilitation project for Maryino Lake in Kazan presented by Kazan University and partners

The lake, officially registered as an environmental park in the city, will be renovated and furnished.

The presentation was held near Maryino Lake by the Department of Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Management and architectural bureaus on 26th March.

Department Chair Nafisa Mingazova commented, “Maryino Lake is special for our department. Here, we studied the basics of water rehabilitation and embankment renovation. It’s the first small lake in Tatarstan to have obtained a federal status. It is named after Maria Bogdanova, employee of Gorvodzelenkhoz [Kazan Municipal Water and Greenery Maintenance Company] who headed the rehabilitation project for this lake in the 1990s and 2000s.”

The Department of Environmental Engineering first proposed to renovate the lake in 2012, when a construction company applied to KFU for a consultation about their ongoing project in the vicinity of this water body. The lake was in a bad condition back then.

“With support from local authorities and the City Committee for Environmental Maintenance, the first ever environmental park in the city was established here in 2013. The lake was cleaned, metal bars were installed to strengthen the banks, trees and flowers were planted. Additionally, signage and information cards about local flora and fauna were placed here, and an artificial island for birds was constructed.”

In the past seven years, the park has become somewhat dilapidated. That’s why new recommendations for renovation were put forth; the main objective is to clean the lake. New benches, signs, and other convenience objects will be replaced or installed.

“An amphibian excavator will clean the lake bottom and flatten it down to 4 meters deep. This helps enhance the oxygen flow, hydrodynamics, and soil feeding. A small cascade waterfall will be installed to improve aeration,” said Dr. Mingazova.

Furthermore, such measures will stall the propagation of the Amur sleeper, a very aggressive pest fish.

The renovation works have already started and should be completed before the bird nesting season.


Source text: Larisa Busil

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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