13 March 2020
1st International Linguistics Forum in Kazan

The conference is being held at KFU on 10th – 13th March.

The  events of the forum include the Languages of the World in a Transnational Dimension Conference, the 13th International Conference on Foreign Languages in the Modern World, the 4th International Online Student Conference Bridging Professionals through University Language Education, the 1st International Young Scientists Conference on IT in University Research, the 3rd Russian Practice Seminar for University Language Teachers, and the 15th Polyglot Student Contest.

On 12th March, the general meeting comprised greetings by Vice-Rector of Kazan Federal University Linar Latypov, Director of the Higher School of Translation of Russian State Pedagogical University Irina Alexeeva, Director of the Institute of International Relations Ramil Khayrutdinov, Deputy Director of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication Iskander Yarmakeev, and Counsellor of the Embassy of Oman in Russia Jameel Ahmed Fadel. Video messages were sent by several other colleagues.

Great-granddaughter of Jan Baudouin de Courtenay, whose 175th birthday is celebrated at the forum, ethnographer Marta Ehrenkreutz-Jasińska, spoke about her famous ancestor’s social activities and research.

Ms. Ehrenkreutz-Jasińska and many participants of the forum donated their books to Kazan Federal University.


Source text: Larisa Busil

Photos: Maxim Zaretsky

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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