10 March 2020
Kazan Federal University organizes regular seminars for parents of children with special educational needs

One of them was held on 6th March.

The idea of the seminars was put forth by Yevgeniya Khramova, Associate Professor at the Department of Conflict Studies.

According to her, the weekly meetings are aimed at parents of kids with special needs, including those with the Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, and some others.

“The idea first came to me thanks to conflict resolution practices. Parents of such children once asked me to resolve a conflict regarding their needs. Our talks aim to help solve social and psychological problems. The results will be published in scientific papers. Our interactive seminars comprise art therapy, fairy tale therapy, metaphorical maps, and some other methods,” she explains.

According to one of the parents, Raida Nagmatullina, they really need to learn about other people with similar problems and not feel isolated.

The questions of nonprofit organizations for parental communities are also discussed at the meetings.

“Kazan University can serve to enlighten such parents,” concludes Dr. Khramova.


Source text: Rufina Gimaletdinova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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