27 January 2020
KFU student Kamoliddin Bobokhonov is Student of the Year 2019 in Tatarstan

Some of the key nominations were also taken by Kazan University students.

On Russian Student Day, 25th January, a big celebration was held in one of the entertainment facilities in Kazan. The guests of honor were President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Deputy Chairperson of the State Council (Parliament) of Tatarstan Tatiana Larionova, Minister of Education and Science of Tatarstan Rafis Burganov, Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan Leyla Fazleeva, Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Irek Zinnurov, Head of the Russian Resource Youth Center Aleksey Lyubtsov, Minister of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan Damir Fattakhov, Head of Tatmedia Agency Aydar Salimgaraev, and many others. They all extended their congratulations.

Apart from Kamoliddin Bobokhonov's prize, other KFU students and organizations were recognized for their successes:

Best Student Arts Club – Yuliya Zinnurova, Head of KFU Student Club;

Best Dorm Council – Dorm Number 4 of Kazan Federal University;

Best Student Media – Студпроф.рф, Kazan University's student news portal;

Best Student Council President – Timur Khabibullin;

Best Arts Team – Im(age) Dance Collective;

Best Student Project – PROF-Card, a retail discount program for students;

Best Student Self-Governance – Student Council of the Institute of International Relations of Kazan Federal University;

Best International Student - Dilyara Damar.

President Rustam Minnikhanov gave the Student of the Year award to Mr. Bobokhonov and concluded, “It is very pleasant to be near all of you, to congratulate you on the holiday, to wish you success, to say words of great gratitude for your activity and your position in life. Today, human capital is the greatest value of every country and every region. We are proud of our universities and students. The Republic needs your knowledge!”

Source text: Rufina Gimaletdinova

Photos: Maxim Zaretsky

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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