25 October 2019
Delegation of Jiangxi Association of Science and Technology

The guests arrived on 24th October.

The team included Vice-President of the Jiangxi Association of Science and Technology (JAST) Luo Ying, President of the Association of Science and Technology if Yichun City Xie Hui, and Consultant of JAST Liu Ping.

KFU's side was headed by Vice-Rector Linar Latypov. Before the sides exchanged opinions, Aide to the Rector Yury Nurmeev showed a presentation of Kazan University in Chinese. Currently, KFU has 39 partner universities in China. In 2015 – 2019, our university and Chinese colleagues have co-authored 399 publications.

Speaking about cooperation, Vice-Rector Latypov pointed out that it's necessary to involve young scientists because they are more active and ambitious.

Mr. Luo replied, “We have just visited the Institute of Computational Mathematics and IT and the Higher School of IT and Intelligent Systems. We are interested in cooperation in Big Data and video game design.”

The Jiangxi side invited Kazanites to join a VR forum in their province next autumn.

After the meeting, the visitors also toured the Institute of Engineering.

Source text: Larisa Busil

Photos: Maxim Zaretsky

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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