22 August 2019
Students of the Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems do their internship within academic exchange between KFU and Kanazawa University

Two master's students of the Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems (ITIS) Ramil Safin and Artur Shafikov do their internship in Kanazawa University and  IT-companies in Japan.
The internship takes place within the collaboration between KFU and Kanazawa University; the agreement of which was signed on January 2018.
Collaboration between universities implies an academic exchange with students. A year ago two master's students from Kanazawa University had already done the studies in the Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems (LIRS). This year our students arrived in Japan on a return visit. 
There are also students from the Physics Institute, the N.I. Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, the Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry. 
Students will stay for 2 weeks in the Kanazawa University, where they will do research related to their scientific activity in KFU. Ramil and Artur will present their developments on a poster session that will be held after the studying.
Next step of the internship is about practicing in company according to their preference during 10 days. After that Russian students will come back to Russia.
Ramil Safin, a second-year master's student of the Higher Institute of ITIS shared with us his experience: “All the students will be assigned to the professors from Kanazawa University, who specialize on topics close to our scientific projects. I'm going to study Computer Vision.
In KFU within my MSc Dissertation I learn Simultaneous localization and Mapping; that's why studying Computer Vision will be beneficial for my work.
After staying two weeks at the university I will practice in NEC Innovative Company (Tokio), which is the hugest in Japan and it's focused on IT-solutions of wide profile. I was already picked for engineer department. I hope my internship will allow me to learn new technologies that I use for my MSc Dissertation”.

Source of information: Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems