14 January 2019
LIRS presented the results of scientific work on the International Conference ICAROB 2019, Japan

From 10 to 13 January 2019 in Beppu (Ōita Prefecture) was held an annual International Conference on Artificial Life and Robotics, ICAROB 2019. 
This conference is an international platform for experience exchanging and discussing questions on modern technologies development in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Scientists from different countries joined the program committee; for example, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, UAE, Norway, France, USA and Russia. 
Staff of the Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems (LIRS) of the Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems (ITIS) take part in the conference for the third time. This year a Head of Intelligent Robotics department of the Higher Institute of ITIS professor Evgeni Magid presented the papers. He was invited as a moderator of the scientific section OS4 “Service Robotics” and poster section GS4. Since 2016 professor Magid serves on the International organization committee of the conference. 
In addition, LIRS had prepared seven research papers; six of them were implemented in collaboration with universities of China, Taiwan and Japan. Papers will be published in conference proceedings and indexed in bibliographic databases, including Web of Science. Topics of papers presented by professor Magid:
“Modelling Avrora Unior Car-like Robot in Gazebo Environment”. Authors: Ksenia Shabalina, Artur Sagitov, Kuo-Lan Su, Kuo-Hsien Hsia, Evgeni Magid.
“Transfer of learned exploration strategies for a mobile robot from a simulated world to real environments”. Authors: Artur Sagitov, Tetsuto Takano, Shohei Muto, Evgeni Magid.
“Experiences of Robotics students in Machine Vision course being taught in a foreign language: comprehension, self-efficiency, and active learning strategies improvement”. Authors: Tatyana Tsoy, Artur Sagitov, Evgeni Magid.
“Pilot Virtual Experiments on ArUco and AprilTag Systems Comparison for Fiducial Marker Rotation Resistance”. Authors: Aufar Zakiev, Ksenia Shabalina, Kuo-Lan Su, Kuo-Hsien Hsia, Evgeni Magid.

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