29 June 2019
Graduation fest


On June 28, a significant event took place: in the festive atmosphere in the presence of representatives of foreign consulates, heads of the KFU International Office, our School officials and numerous students the best graduates of the Preparatory School were presented with certificates of merit and souvenirs. The hall was full, the lodges shone, but the main thing was on the stage: episodes of the official ceremony of presenting certificates and gifts were accompanied by artistic performances by the students. Photos in this news are made by Gulsina Sharipovna Azitova. In addition, we offer four photo galleries of her another lucky shots and the ones from some other photographers.

Gallery 1. The photos by Gulsina Sharipovna Azitova
Gallery 2. The photos by Gulsina Sharipovna Azitova
Gallery 3. The photos taken by or received from: Larisa Spiridonova, Antonina Zabuga, Yelena Gruzdeva, Larisa Gordeyeva and Wang Zechao
Gallery 4. The photos by Gulsina Sharipovna Azitova

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