Preparatory school for international students\Admission - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
  • Портал КФУ \ Admission \ Preparatory school for international students
  • Портал КФУ \ Admission \ Preparatory school for international students
  • Портал КФУ \ Admission \ Preparatory school for international students



Kazan Federal University is one of the oldest Russian universities, associated with the names of Vladimir Lenin, Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, seven Nobel Prize laureates and modern statesmen. University is located in a place where representatives of Islam and Christianity have coexisted for more than 400 years. Nowadays, Kazan Federal University is a dynamic modern university actively engaged in local and international cooperation and networking with academia and industry. At Kazan Federal University there are 23,822 students engaged in major academic programs; this includes around 5,000 international students from 90 countries enrolled in 590 degree and non-degree programs in various disciplines. To seek for more information about our University, go to KFU official site at (in English) or (in Russian, and it includes some information in another world major languages).

KFU Preparatory school is the University unit that trains international students with little or no knowledge of the Russian language before they begin Russian-taught degree programs. Within 10 months of pre-university instruction, students gain the Russian language proficiency that meets the demands of CEFR level B1 or TORFL level 1, study in a chosen academic field (“professional profiles”), and adapt to the new educational environment and routine life. Upon completing Preparatory School, students are expected to be ready to enter the Russian-taught full-degree programs at KFU and other Russian institutions of higher education.

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Head of department:(acting) Alishev Timerhan Bulatovich
Phone:(843) 292 53 73 (office)
Address:Kazan, 34 Levo-Bulachnaya str., room 9
Regulation:open file
ПОРТАЛ КФУ \ Admission \ Preparatory school for international students
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02 May 2019 The May days
The first days of May are a special time in Russia
24 January 2019 Unified Exam
Аll students of the preparatory school took the Russian as foreign language exam
05 November 2018 First exams
The first examinations in Russian as a foreign language on the elementary level program began November 1
21 September 2018 Olympiad
The third International Contest in Russian as a Foreign Language “Russian is the language of art of engineering” was held in Ulyanovsk
10 September 2018 Notable award
A set of text-books on Russian as a Foreign language has been awarded a Diploma from the nationwide contest called “A University book'