26 June 2019
Memory diagnostics now available at Kazan University Clinic

Neurologist Ilshat Khayrullin (in this photo) is in charge of the new service.

Cognition and memory capacity diagnostics are handled in two official languages – Russian and Tatar. University Clinic doctors and employees of the Clinical Linguistics Lab join efforts in this promising project.

A standard procedure takes one hour, including neurological diagnostics and tests for memory, cognition, and attention evaluation. After that, additional tests can be assigned, because cognition problems can have different sources.

The earlier the corrective treatment starts, the better are the chances to postpone serious cognitive dysfunction. In particular, changes in lifestyle may be necessary, including physical exercise and sufficient sleep time.

Cooperation between clinicians and linguists has helped find new horizons in this work. Several papers and books have already seen light on the topic of cognition diagnostics for patients of various ages. Both translated and original psychometric tests are now available.


Source text: Olga Pelepets

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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