15 May 2019
Governor of Karelia Artur Parfyonchikov seeks to reinvigorate ties with Kazan University

Yesterday, he visited KFU and met with Rector Ilshat Gafurov.

Mr. Parfyonchikov had already been to KFU three times before his yesterday’s trip, all those iterations in his capacity as the head of the Federal Bailiffs Service.

Before talking to Rector Gafurov, he was escorted through the university’s medical cluster.

At the meeting, Dr. Gafurov spoke about pedagogical education and international enrolment.

Previously, KFU has had some working relations with Karelian universities; notably, with Petrozavodsk State University (a memorandum of understanding was signed in 2014 and is due to be prolonged this year). Dr. Gafurov also expressed interest in cooperating with the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences stationed in Karelia. He specified medicine, pharmaceutics, environmental studies, IT, and teacher education as prospective areas of shared interest.

“We are always ready to welcome your delegation and sign agreements. With our universities, we are currently gearing up in researching the White Sea. We should look at what your university can do in waste management, and this is only one field of possible collaboration. We have to outline a roadmap,” answered the Governor.

The two sides then agreed to appoint representatives on mutual cooperation.


Source text: Kamill Gareev

Photos: Nikita Tokhtasinov

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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