29 April 2019
Winners of Tatarstan Prize for Young Scientists announced

Individuals and teams up to 35 years of age are allowed.

Ten young researchers from Kazan Federal University made it to the finals, with five in Money Prize category and five in Research Grant category.

The winners of remunerations are:

Bulat Galimzyanov, Institute of Physics – project “Processes of microscopic structural transformations in glass-producing systems”;

Alexander Nikitin, Institute of Environmental Sciences – “System of parameters for measurements of wind vector on board single-rotor helicopter on the ground and in takeoff and landing regimens under excitations of the vortex column of the lifting rotor”;

Insaf Khabibrakhmanov, Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology – “Alpha-1-adrenergic regulation of heart functioning in rats”;

Yury Kuzin, Institute of Chemistry – “Electrochemical biosensor devices for the registration of DNA damage”;

Leyla Minnullina, Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology – “Contemporary Tatar language in natural sciences.”

The following five persons won grant funding:

Albert Akhmadeev, Institute of Physics – “New hybrid optical states in photon metal-dielectric heterostructures”;

Rustem Izmaylov, Institute of International Relations – “Concept of Tatar culture, education and science in the age of globalization”;

Ramis Nasibullov, Institute of Psychology and Education – “Problems and prospects of educating bilingual teachers for non-language disciplines for the schools of Tatarstan in a contemporary university”;

Anastasiya Koryagina, Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology – “New expression system for the production of industrially important proteins”;

Mariya Prygunova, Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications – “Instituting proactive measures of control and audit of the factors of voluntary tax registration of self-employed individuals on a regional level.”


Source text: Larisa Busil, Rufina Gimaletdinova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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