19 April 2019
Marx Fest 2019 raised important questions about youth employment and migration

The event took place for a second time.

This year, Marx Fest, named after the famous economist, philosopher and sociologist Karl Marx, was a part of the 3rd Forum “Economy in a Changing World.”

Director of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance (IMEF) Nailya Bagautdinova opened Marx Fest with her lecture “Being determines consciousness?” Other guests then joined the discussion with students about innovation, digital economy, startup investments, and consumer behavior.

One of the hottest topics for pondering was “Leave or stay,” dedicated to the internal migration. Deputy Director of IMEF Svetlana Kotenkova informed that 1,663,227 people have left Tatarstan in the last 5 years. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tomsk, and Novosibirsk were named as the cities adopting the largest numbers of internal migrants in Russia.

Rector Ilshat Gafurov, who joined the discussion, addressed the students and noted that the university aims to prepare young people to be ready to create their own jobs. Director Bagautdinova added that KFU’s alumni are in high demand and that the university becomes more and more popular among overseas students.

In conclusion, Dr. Gafurov said, “70% of people in this audience want to migrate. I want to ask – what do we have to do to convince you to stay? We have to think how to wind down this migration trend. If you can find an answer to this problem, I am sure that the leadership of our Republic [of Tatarstan – editor’s note] will meet you halfway and adopt the necessary measures.”

The next Marx Fest in 2020 will be dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin, the most widely known of Kazan University students.


Source text: Adelya Shemelova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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