18 February 2019
Digital Media Lab provides VR training to doctors

Significant progress has been made by Vlada Kugurakova and her team.

Together with the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology, lab employees have introduced a virtual operating theater system. Students will use a standard VR bundle – a headset and a pair of controllers – to improve their motor skills. The Lab plans to create a more advanced system with the use of haptic feedback gloves.

Currently, only appendectomy simulation is available. Many more should be launched soon, including tracheostomy, catheterization of urinary system, laparotomy, cholecystectomy, skull trepanation, C-section, and coniotomy.

The product took two years to complete. It’s in final testing stages now, and students will soon have the chance to hone their skills with the help of the latest technology.

This is the Lab’s second project in medical education. Recently, a virtual lab of biotechnological processes was opened.

Digital Media workers serve as AVRA and WorldSkills experts in their field.

A Russian-language master program in VR/AR and game development will be available starting in 2019. All inquiries can be sent to itis@kpfu.ru.

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