28 December 2018
Cooperation agreement signed with Roscartography

The two sides will cooperate in research and development.

Roscartography is a key participant of the Digital Model of Tatarstan Project. The project is aimed at creating digital topographical maps of the whole province. As agreed during the previous meeting and yesterday, Kazan University will partake in aerial shoots, geodesy research, and topographical works.

Before the signing, General Director of Roscartography Dmitry Krasnikov noted, “Despite the end-of-year workload, I am glad that you found time to sign this agreement. We have excellent prospects in developing joint work in 2019, and we are ready to act together with Kazan University. Our company has already done much for the federal government. This year, we have managed to conclude aerial shoots of the majority of Tatarstan’s territory, and we plan to create spatial data management software with Kazan University.”

Rector Ilshat Gafurov responded, “To utilize cutting-edge technology, we are interested in developing geodesy and cartography studies at Kazan University. We can firmly say that we are ready to move forward in this direction.”

Space Geodesy Lab is one of the research units involved in this area at KFU. The lab engages in photogrammetry and possesses drones and navigation equipment for satellite geodesy.

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